Project Description


Nylon / Copper white PU finger tip coated gloves

Fibre Nylon, Copper
Coating Polyurethane
Size S ~ XXL
Gauge 13G
Length 220mm(S) ~ 260mm(XXL)
Surface resistance 106 x 108Ω/m2

· Dissipating static electricity with copper yarn quickly
· Ultra thin, close fit, light weighted
· Dust and lint free, no scratches
· Breathable
· Non-slip due to the grip provided by the polyurethane finger tip coating
· KR preferential origin

Ideal for
· Assembly, Repair work in electronics and tele communications.
· CD/Photo processing, Video film processing
· Sensitive parts handling, Precision instrumentation

Antistatic gloves are manufactured from dust-free & lint-free fabric and eliminate static electricity and feel good. These gloves are breathable, skin-protective, washable and durable. These gloves are good for assembly and repair work in electronics and telecommunication. And these are suitable for CD/Photo & Video film processing, sensitive parts handling, precision instrumentation as well.