Project Description

UEM-223A +

ULTRATHIN Gray melange Nylon/Spandex black ECOMASTER® SIGNATURE palm coated gloves

Fibre Nylon, Spandex
Size S(6), M(7), L(8), XL(9), XXL(10)
Gauge 15G
Length 220mm(S) ~ 260mm(XXL)

ECOMASTER® SIGNATURE coating is DMF free and OEKO-TEX 100 tested in good result. SSMG R&D has just developed an innovative and eco-friendly coating technology for the next generation range of eco polymer gloves. It provides an excellent grip, comfort and reliable abrasion and nice fit along with micro-ventilated organization structure.
Basically, its core technology background is from Major Glove’s long term know-how of AQUAPU compound and Gripmaster™ ‘s mechanism skills and creative ideas.

Ecomaster™ coated gloves are designed to remarkably enhance the standards of protection and dexterity like naked skin. Its breathability brings an extreme comfort and less fatigue after long time wearing as if they feel fresh working starts as well as core benefits as awesome flexibility in their job applications.

This Ecomaster™ gloves are DMF(Dimethylformamide CAS no. 68-12-2) & Silicone free and meet new forthcoming EN420 rule below 5 ppm DMF contented. Various seamless liners are coated with this new technology which can be an unique range to replace solvent based PU and other synthetic coated gloves.

· OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 (16.HKR.87561)
· FDA test pass (FDA 21 CFR175.300)
· DMF(Dimethylformamide) & Silicone FREE
· Optimum abrasion
· Excellent grip and snug fit
· Comfortable and flexible
· Breathable and stretchable
· Awesome tactility
· KR preferential origin

Ideal for
· Automotive assembly or dry parts
· Machinery handling
· Fine tuning and small parts handling
· Precise tasks & machine tooling
· Robotics & space-air & aircraft industry
· Repair and Maintenance
· Packaging and logistics
· Electronics and laboratory
· DIY, household, farm, garden work
· General works