Project Description

SMF-263A (Advanced)

Gray Nylon/Spandex black Prestige MICRO FOAM NBR PLUS palm coated gloves

Fibre Nylon, Spandex
Coating Prestige MICRO FOAM NBR
Size S(6), M(7), L(8), XL(9), XXL(10)
Gauge 15G
Length 220mm(S) ~ 260mm(XXL)

Remarkable dynamic comfort & aero ventilation
Prestige STRONG MICRO FOAM NBR technology has been designed toward aero ventilation and to give dynamic comfort with fingers activities. With fine engineered lining, its coating surely provides soft feeling and quickly evaporates sweat or moisture through micro-foam structure. And this makes the user can keep their hands cool in a long time.

Thanks to our long term and high-end R&D, we’ve developed the world-best liner to match this STRONG MICRO FOAM NBR coating. Combination of outstanding knitted liner felt like naked skin and aero ventilated coating will be fully satisfied by their users. The one who looks for a nice glove, here is the best we recommend.

Superb masterpiece grip
Its superb FOAM NBR coating is just launched to provide second to none grip in automotive and precise machinery assembly applications. With special designed foam structure bring to excellent oily grip and wet condition handling grip than any other type of existing coating technology. The grip performance feature gives superior productivity and safety with end-users and bring lots of efficiency. It is time that you can feel and enjoy a fantastic grip.

Revolution of durability
STRONG MICRO FOAM NBR technology bring to be profitable by abrasion of EN388 compare to the other type coated gloves. You can reuse several times after washing.

Superior sensitive dexterity
When you wear it, you feel most advanced dexterity while handling objects. Its thin thickness make you feel naked skin.

· Improved Prestige Micro FOAM NBR PLUS
· Increased abrasion resistance & durability

· Remarkable dynamic comfort & aero ventilation · Superb masterpiece grip
· Revolution of durability
· Gray coloring for working in dirty or unsanitary conditions
· Excellent sensitive dexterity
· Sensitivity and Tactility
· Designed to have minimal lint and dust
· Silicone free
· KR preferential origin
· Pattern Grip available (Reinforced abrasion & wet grip!)

Ideal for
· Micro-electronics, Micro-engineering
· General assembly
· Handling small metal parts & plastic components
· Automotive components
· Aerospace, ceramics industry
· Construction, forestry, transportation
· Logistics and warehousing
· Household, farm or garden work