Company History

2015.07      GYC Ecomaster line set up
2015.03      New Sales Office building set up

2014.03      New NBR gripmaster line set up

2011.03       New NBR line set up

2010.11       GYC Corp. established – Sister company
2010.05       New PU line set up (2nd)

2009.12       New PU line set up (1st)

2008.12       AQUAPU® coating machine set up
2008.10       NBR/LATEX GRIPMASTER® machine set up
2008.07       New head office, factory building set up

2006.09       New China factory open
2006.01        The fourth PU coating machine set up in second factory

2004.05       HPPE PU glove coating machine set up

2003.09       The second PU coating machine establishment
2003.05       The firm name modification as Shin Sung Major Glove Corp

1997.04       SHIN-SUNG joint stock corporation establishment in Busan

1995.09       Transfer to SHIN-SUNG CO

1969.01       TAEHUNG industrial company establishment

Product History

2019.01       ECOMASTER® SIGNATURE gloves release

2017.01       Touch screen, ESD Gloves release

2016.11        ANSI Cut level “A9 “ Gloves release
2016.03       10 gauge, 7 gauge KenimaGuard™ Gloves release

2015.07       Ecomaster™ range products release
2015.03       KENIMA WARM® food grade gloves release

2014.09       X-Vibr™ gloves release
2014.08       ecomaster™ gloves release
2014.05       NEW MICRO GRIPMASTER® release

2013.04       Prestige MICRO FOAM release

2012.08       SUPER MICRO FOAM tech release
2012.08       HiViz™ gloves release
2012.08       18G ULTRAFIT™ gloves release
2012.08       New FOAM NBR + New AQUAPU® gloves release
2012.04       Durenza™ gloves release

2011.10       Anti-bac™ Antimicrobial technology Launch
2011.09       New FOAM NBR gloves release

2010.11       KENIMA WARM® range release

2009.10       LATEX GRIPMASTER® gloves release

2008.12       AQUAPU® gloves release
2008.11       NBR GRIPMASTER® gloves release
2008.10       TEKORA® gloves release
2008.08       New FOAM tech NBR lines

2007.11       HDPU® gloves release

2005.11       New acquisition of CE certificate for FOAM NBR
coated gloves (EN388) (Acquisition of patent right)

2004.06       New acquisition of CE certificate for Kevlar® NBR
palm coated gloves (EN388)
2004.06       New acquisition of CE certificate for Nylon NBR
coated gloves (EN388)
2004.05       New acquisition of CE certificate for HPPE NBR
coated gloves (EN388)
2004.05       New acquisition of CE certificate for HPPE PU
coated gloves (EN388)
2004.02       New acquisition of CE certificate for Nylon PU
coated gloves (EN388)

2002.11       Acquisition of ISO9001 certificate

2001.07       Acquisition of CE certificate for PU coated gloves
and NBR coated gloves
2001.03       A patent application of polyurethan glove and
manufacturing technique (NO.0293055)