“SHIN SUNG MAJOR GLOVE Made in Korea”SHIN SUNG MAJOR GLOVE Corporation has started as ‘Taehung industrial company’ in 1969. We are one of the leading company which manufactures industrial gloves with accumulated technology and skills over past 50 years. We have established ‘Shin-Sung Glove’ with expanded equipments & facilities in 1997. Now our capacity for industrial gloves is over 45,000,000 pairs per year (2022).

SHIN SUNG MAJOR GLOVE Corporation has a good reputation from successful local market business and produces top quality gloves with superior R & D staffs. Our company has started to mass-produce GRIPMASTER®, Prestige Micro FOAM NBR, PU(Polyurethane), NBR(Nitrile Butadiene Rubber), Latex coated gloves which have been performed their excellent quality by CE certificates and supplied under OEM & ODM with customers. Furthermore, we have developed protective gloves using TERACUT®, TEKORA®, XP200™, KENIMA200™, KENIMA WARM™, HPPE, Kevlar® yarns which are recognized excellent cut resistant gloves since 1998.

Anti-bac™ is the first innovative challenge to apply antimicrobial protection on the industry occupational gloves range, and demonstrates the Company’s ability for industry leading innovation globally.

Today we provide competitive price & full service. We are looking for good partners all over the world and promise that we try our best to support you for your successful business.

Thank you.

Company overview

Turnover : USD 25,000,000 / 2020
Employee : 180
Capacity : 45,000,000 PRS
Export : USD 15,000,000 ( EU, AMERICA, OCEANIA )
Domestic sales : USD 10,000,000
Forecast : USD 30,000,000 / 2021


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